Meet the Owners

Forever Fur Rings LLC is a jewelry business started by aspiring gemologist and retail jeweler, Nicole Mangiaracina and Temple University’s Tyler school of Art graduate and retail jewelry designer, Brigitte Kolibab. Together they create unique ring designs where you can encase the fur or feathers of a beloved pet. This idea was sparked when Nicole suddenly lost her first dog, Sebastian. She wanted to do something special to honor his life. Nicole is fascinated by the architecture and intricate design of estate jewelry. While working in the jewelry industry, she has been exposed to Victorian mourning jewelry (Circa 1837-1901) that encased hair of a loved one to be worn forever. She decided to bring this concept back for Sebastian. She received numerous complements on the ring and once she explained what is inside people were amazed! She decided to offer this service for other people who have lost their animal or want to honor their living pet. Her business partner, Brigitte, loved the idea and wanted to help her produce more rings for other people. Brigitte creates the rings through a computer aided jewelry design program. The rings are then printed into wax and cast into metal. You then send us your pets fur, hair, or feathers that will be encased in the ring. This idea allows people to wear their pet with them wherever they go! 


Forever Furs LLC stands behind all of our high quality jewelry. With every piece we formulate we use the best processes and materials available. We our extremely particular when create the jewelry to ensure a great product. We guarantee our products against defects in materials or workmanship.